Urban Stutter

cuz "feet on the street" was taken

©2013 taken at Os Genomos exhibit, ICA Boston


L. Jorj Lark, photographer.

I'm here. I made it.
You too! Nice to meet you.

I first encountered photography when a friend of the family was traveling the country exploring his innards. We hung out for a few weeks and being the uncomfortable subject of many of his photos I quickly understood I'd rather be behind the camera. Not only was it more comfortable, it was way more interesting. My first camera was of the 35mm film variety. I've enjoyed the digital world very much as you've seen, yet hope to play with film again. There's no end to the variation, nuance and result from each experience.

Street art, close range investigation, light and form are my current areas of interest. Live performance too. My objective is to get my work out of my head and into yours.

If you love what you see give a shout.

ljlark13@gmail.com // 339.221.2936